For sale

Look below for all the horses which are currently for sale.

3 Yrs olds

Lisa fan Dijkmaniastate

2011 Onne x Beart Full paper really tall mare


Oduna van de Zonschate STAR

Brandus X Jochem 259 Full-paper born 2004 Starmare, 1.58 cm

Hoduna fan Dijkmaniastate STAR

Sake X Brandus Born 2010 Full paper Has got extremely long manes

2 Yrs olds

Marichje fan Dijkmaniastate

2012 Rindert X Beart Full paper


Hinke fan Dijkmaniastate

2010 Olrik X Feitse Full paper out of modelmare excellent movements 1.61 cm Broken

Elbrich van de Zonschate

Maeije X Gerlof Born 2009 Full paper

Djoeke van de Zonschate

Brend X Heinse Born 2009 Full paper
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