Today, the initial group of Friesian brood mares has grown out to approximately twelve Star- and Preferent mares. Continued selection has taken place on quality and character. The mares represent different bloodlines out of mare bloodline; 8, 49, 50, 104, and 129.

Good pedigrees are important, but not beatific. The horse itself and the way it breeds is ultimately decisive. Over the years several approved stallions were standing at stud at Dijkman Stables.

After starting with Jochem 259, the stallions Tsjerk 328, Erik 351, Pike 316, Sierk 326 and Tsjitse 387 have served many mares at the farm in Marssum.

Veterinarian practice




90% of the veterinarian practice is based on the treatment and supervision of Friesian horses.
During the season, fertility support is the most important task. Veterinarian Douwe B. Dijkman has a lot of experience in treating equine veterinary problems, especially with the Friesian horse.

Export service





Dijkman Stables export many quality horses overseas. Among them Starmares, Modelmares, National Champions, approved Breeding Stallion and other highly qualified breeding- and sport Horses. Good contacts with a lot of top breeders in Friesland and the rest of Holland makes it possible to help in finding the right horse for everyone.

In addition, we take care of the necessary veterinarian tests and export documents.












































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